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The Craftsman of Organic Loops

Rumbo Tumba is the electro-acoustic music project by Argentine multi-instrumentalist Facundo Salgado, who has toured Europe and Latin America incessantly over the past 10 years to over 25 different countries.


A craftsman of organic loops, Salgado is a one man orchestra; playing, recording and mixing an array of exclusively artesanal wooden instruments native to South America in real time. Rumbo Tumba’s live sets feature his impressive all wooden solo ensemble which constructs a unique natural sound and atmosphere that takes audiences from all over the world on a journey to the purest places in nature. The loop-based compositions highlight the refined beauty of traditional folk roots and delicately uses cutting edge digital tools to project South American folklore into the future.



A tribute to the Paraná River

This album represents a journey into oneself that echoes the depth of nature, in homage to the Paraná River Delta, its wetlands and its islands.


Seven electro-acoustic folk songs approached from an experimental point of view, with the valuable participation of three international artists: the voices of the Mexican-French Eva de Marce in ¨Fuego¨ and the Brazilian Luiz Gabriel Lopes in ¨Sendero¨, and the co-production of "Cañaveral" with the British El Búho.  


Río Adentro is also a short film filmed in the Delta de Campana (Rumbo Tumba's homeland), which includes the first 3 songs of the album and completes the visual and conceptual universe of this release.

RUMBO TUMBA -  Río Adentro (Cortometraje / Álbum Visual)

RUMBO TUMBA - Río Adentro (Cortometraje / Álbum Visual)

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Rumbo Tumba was born at the beginning of 2012 and since then it has made more than 20 national and international tours in which he performed at at renowned venues and festivals in Argentina and the World. Among which stand out:

  Pirineos Sur (Spain 2015 & 2019), Mutek AR (Argentina 2017 & 2018), Ozora (Hungary 2019), Festival Boreal (Spain 2019), Bratislava World Music Festival (Slovakia 2019),  Mekudeshet (Israel 2019), La Pamparina (France 2017), Zsolnay Light Festival (Hungary 2018), MIL - Lisbon International Music Network (Portugal 2019), Reperkusound (France 2019), Tropical Pressure (United Kingdom 2019), Burning Mountain (Switzerland 2017), Zugvoegel (Germany 2017 & 2018).

At the same time, since 2015, he has been producing a series of concerts in the City of Buenos Aires called “Cable Tierra” that has already been running for 20 editions. It has its annual edition in festival format in the Paraná River Delta, in the city of Campana.

His music was part of various compilations around the world that bring together the new Latin American and Argentine folklore (“Waxploitation” USA, “Produce Crack” ARG, “Shika Shika” DEU). In 2020, the Apple TV documentary series “Long Way Up” chose Rumbo Tumba's music to accompany Ewan Mac Gregor on his motorcycle trip through the Andes Mountains.
He has released 2 EPs ("Groove Andina" in 2012 and "Cable Tierra" in 2015) and 2 LPs ("Madera Sur" in 2018 and "Rio Adentro" in 2021).

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