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The Craftsman of Organic Loops

Rumbo Tumba is the electro-acoustic music project by Argentine multi-instrumentalist Facundo Salgado, who has toured the World incessantly over the past 10 years to over 30 different countries.


A craftsman of organic loops, Salgado is a one man orchestra; playing, recording and mixing an array of exclusively artesanal wooden instruments native to South America in real time. Rumbo Tumba’s live sets feature his impressive all wooden solo ensemble which constructs a unique natural sound and atmosphere that takes audiences from all over the world on a journey to the purest places in nature. The loop-based compositions highlight the refined beauty of traditional folk roots and delicately uses cutting edge digital tools to project South American folklore into the future.

RUMBO TUMBA - Huguaju (Live Concierto 10 años)

RUMBO TUMBA - Huguaju (Live Concierto 10 años)

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A tribute to the Paraná River

This album represents a journey into oneself that echoes the depth of nature, in homage to the Paraná River Delta, its wetlands and its islands.


Seven electro-acoustic folk songs approached from an experimental point of view, with the valuable participation of three international artists: the voices of the Mexican-French Eva de Marce in ¨Fuego¨ and the Brazilian Luiz Gabriel Lopes in ¨Sendero¨, and the co-production of "Cañaveral" with the British El Búho.  


Río Adentro is also a short film filmed in the Delta de Campana (Rumbo Tumba's homeland), which includes the first 3 songs of the album and completes the visual and conceptual universe of this release.